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Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline Week by Week

Recovery is one of the most important considerations for men and women who are planning to have a rhinoplasty in The Woodlands and other Texas areas. You need to set time away from work so you can focus on getting back up after this invasive surgery. Purchasing recovery supplies ahead of time is another important step that can make your recovery much smoother. To effectively plan for a prompt and uninterrupted nose reshaping recovery, it’s key that you grasp the recovery timeline and things that you might do in order to ensure that the healing process goes according to plan.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Week by Week

Once you are discharged from the hospital after your nose reshaping surgery, you need to have someone drive you home and help out with chores. Here’s what the typical nose job recovery process looks like on a week-by-week basis:

  • Week 1

Most patients will experience discomfort over the first few days following nose reshaping surgery. It’s not possible to breathe through the nose because the area is covered with an external splint. The surgeon may also place packing or an internal splint as well. In addition to the obvious discomfort, you’ll also likely experience significant swelling and bruising. You should however start to feel better towards the end of the week, especially when the packing or splint is removed.

  • Week 2

Swelling and bruising start to fade within the second week. By this time, it’s hard for a stranger to tell that you recently had a nose job. Many patients are able to return to their work routine. However, you’ll be asked to avoid any form of heavy lifting, strenuous activities, and basically, anything that can strain your nose.

  • Week 3 & 4

About a month after your nose reshaping surgery has been completed, you should be feeling a bit better. Most patients are fully recovered by this time. However, you may still notice some swelling, particularly at the tip of the nose. The outcome of the surgery should be evident at this time. You will be able to engage in moderate-intensity physical activity and return to much of your normal routine. Your plastic surgeon will however ask that you still avoid contact sports.

  • Week 8

Two months after your rhinoplasty surgery in The Woodlands, your nose should be more refined. Swelling should continue to decrease and you’ll be nearly fully healed. You should be able to return to your normal routine but contact sports should still be avoided.

  • 6 – 12 Months

Six months to a year after your nose reshaping surgery, your surgeon should clear you for contact sports. Nasal swelling should be fully diminished by the end of the year. Both the inside and outside of the nose should be completely healed as well.

Tips for Faster Rhinoplasty Recovery

To ensure that you recover promptly in line with the standard timeline above, Dr. Wu offers a few tips.

  • Follow your after-care instructions – your plastic surgeon’s office will provide detailed post-operative instructions to ensure optimal recovery after rhinoplasty. Among other things, you’ll be required to quit smoking, avoid alcohol, keep your head elevated, and take utmost care of your treatment areas. It is important that you strictly adhere to these instructions in order to ensure a favorable outcome.
  • Reduce swelling – during the initial days of recovery, you may use a cold compress to reduce facial swelling and redness. It is however important that you do not apply excessive pressure or directly use the cold compress on the treatment area. Focus on placing it on the cheeks and don’t touch your nose at all.
  • Watch out for side effects – side effects such as bruising and swelling are common, but anything that is out of the ordinary should be reported to your plastic surgeon. This is more so the case if you are experiencing severe discomfort, bleeding, or signs of an infection.
  • Maintain a healthy diet – focus on a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole foods during your recovery. Your body needs key nutrients in order to recover optimally. Also, make sure that you stay hydrated by drinking adequate levels of healthy beverages.
  • Avoid blowing your nose – avoid blowing your nose throughout the first six weeks of recovery. Talk to your plastic surgeon regarding how you can use a nasal spray to clear up any congestion or build-up of mucus.


Dr. Wu’s office will be available to provide the support and guidance you need throughout your rhinoplasty recovery.