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Cost of Plastic Surgery in The Woodlands Tx

Cost is an important factor for patients who are considering having plastic surgery in The Woodlands and surrounding Texas areas. This is more so true given that the majority of cosmetic surgeries are not covered by health insurers because they are not considered to be a medical necessity. In this post, we highlight some of the key aspects that will play into the final cost of your plastic surgery.

Type of procedure performed

The first factor that will affect the cost of your treatment is the type of plastic surgery that you are planning to have. Understandably, simple procedures such as a mini facelift cost considerably less compared to comprehensive regimens such as mommy makeovers. Similarly, non-invasive treatments such as BOTOX and dermal fillers are highly affordable (at least in the short term) when compared to their surgical alternatives. Make sure that you learn as much as possible about the type of plastic surgery you intend to have and how much it costs in your specific city or town.

Scope of the surgery

Even given the same procedure, no two treatments are the same. The specifics of the surgery will vary from one patient to the other based on the goals of the treatment. For instance, a patient having abdominal liposuction may need less amount of fat removed compared to another one having the same procedure. These two treatments would naturally cost different amounts. Similarly, an individual undergoing a traditional tummy tuck cannot be expected to pay the same amount as someone else who is receiving a circumferential abdominoplasty.

Surgeon’s experience

The kind of experience the plastic surgeon you are working with has played into how much you can expect to pay for your plastic surgery. Less experienced plastic surgeons may be expected to charge less than seasoned practitioners within the same city. However, choosing to work with a seasoned surgeon (albeit more expensive) can be advantageous especially if you are keen to minimize the risk of complications while also ensuring a successful procedure outcome.

Anesthesiologist fees

Most established plastic surgeons work with a board-certified anesthesiologist who is tasked with ensuring your safety and comfort during the treatment. Anesthesiologist fees are usually separate from the doctor’s fees and other costs associated with the procedure.

Facility fees

The majority of plastic surgeries may be completed within a plastic surgeon’s in-office operating room. However, in the case of more invasive or comprehensive treatments, an outside, accredited surgical facility may be needed. Where this is the case, a certain fee can expect to be charged. This cost will go up if the patient ends up staying for a couple of nights.

Prescription medication

Your plastic surgeon will administer medication such as antibiotics (to prevent infection) and painkillers (to alleviate discomfort). These costs are often forgotten when calculating the total cost of your treatment. It is important that you get every expenditure accounted for so you have a complete picture of how much money you might need for the treatment.

Follow-up visits

Costs associated with the recovery and subsequent follow-up visits should also be included when computing total expenditure. You will want to include the cost of recovery supply, transport costs to and from the hospitals, and anything else you purchase specifically because of the surgery.


During your initial consultation visit with Dr. Chaowen Wu at Revel You, the surgeon’s team will provide an individualized cost estimate based on the specifics of your treatment. Dr. Wu’s office will also discuss financing options that you may use to pay for your treatment.