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Our Approach

Revel You is a modern facial aesthetics facial practice led by a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon and raw beauty advocate and facelift and neck lift specialist. Dr. Wu is an eternal optimist who believes that you’re a force of nature and should never feel helpless about your beauty. She aims to make plastic surgery accessible to everyone and work with your unique anatomy to address your beauty and health goals. To that end, she only provides natural procedures that ensure long-lasting and natural-looking results.

Natural facial procedures without implants and injectables

Dr. Chaowen Wu only provides 100% natural facial procedures — no artificial implants, injectables, or foreign objects. She uses techniques such as liposuction and fat grafting as adjuncts to address your cosmetic concerns. These techniques enhance your cosmetic appearance via your body’s natural capabilities, thus ensuring 100% natural results.

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Natural results inspired by your own beauty

Everyone has a unique facial anatomy that’s beautiful in its own rights. Rather than working against your anatomy, Dr. Wu works with your anatomy, enhancing and revealing your beauty rather than transforming your appearance into something it’s not. This helps you achieve your beauty goals in a healthy, natural, and sustainable manner.

Long-lasting facial alternatives to injectables & fillers

Dr. Chaowen Wu favors natural, long-lasting facial alternatives to injectables and fillers. Traditional injectables, such as Botox and fillers fade away, look unnatural with frequent “maintenance” and over time are much more costly However, Dr. Wu’s facial rejuvenation procedures ensure natural results that withstand the test of time.

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Complimentary facial phone consultation

Dr. Chaowen Wu understands that committing to refresh your face with a facelift and neck lift is a big decision. To that end, she provides free phone consultations for all the beauties feeling uncertain about the next steps for their facial rejuvenation. During the consultation, our knowledgeable surgical facial consultants will answer all your questions and help you decide if you should proceed with a consultation with Dr. Wu.


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