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Reasons to Have a Nose Job in The Woodlands Tx

A nose job – medically referred to as rhinoplasty – is the procedure of choice for individuals who are looking to alter the shape or structure of their nose. If you are considering or planning to have this cosmetic surgery in the Woodlands Tx area, this article highlights common reasons why most other patients choose to have it. 

Cosmetic reasons to have a rhinoplasty 

The majority of people choose to have nose reshaping surgery for aesthetic reasons, including the following:

→ Alter the size of the nose 

Some people who have noticeably wide or large noses may desire a smaller size. Plastic surgeons perform rhinoplasty to achieve this by altering the bone structure in the nose. The extent of changes made depends on the patient’s unique needs and expectations. 

→ Change the angle of the nose

Some people may suffer from a crooked nose due to genetics or a broken nose injury. Dr. Wu performs rhinoplasty to fix the deformation and achieve a symmetrical appearance that is proportional to the patient’s facial profile. 

→ Straighten the bridge of the nose 

People can have a hump on the nose either because they were born with it or due to an injury or trauma. This may result in a hooked nose appearance that you may find to be unattractive or attracts undesired, negative attention. Plastic surgeons perform rhinoplasty to achieve a straight nasal bridge and a more attractive facial appearance. This procedure is completed by altering the structure of the nasal bone and cartilages. 

→ Correct uneven nostrils

It is not uncommon for people to have uneven or asymmetrical nostrils. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons why patients choose to have aesthetic rhinoplasty. Plastic surgeons aim to achieve an even and balanced appearance so you can feel more confident in your looks. It is important to note that rhinoplasty to correct uneven nostrils is a delicate procedure and patients may need to wait for up to a year before the final results can show up. 

→ Reduce wide nostrils

 Nostrils that are wider than usual are often considered to be unattractive because they make the nose appear bigger than it is. Plastic surgeons use rhinoplasty to make the nostrils narrower and thus achieve a more prominent and attractive facial appearance. 

→ Change the tip of the nose 

The shape of the nasal tip may not always match a person’s facial structure. In some cases, it may appear to be droopy or large in the context of the patient’s facial profile. Rhinoplasty can help this type of aesthetic concern so you can achieve a more balanced appearance. 

Medical reasons to have a rhinoplasty

Nose reshaping that is carried out for medical reasons is referred to as functional rhinoplasty. There are many reasons why people decide to undergo this procedure, including the following:

→ Alleviate breathing problems

Some people have breathing difficulties due to issues such as an uneven nose, crooked nose, or deviated septum. Functional rhinoplasty alters the structure of the nose to ensure better airflow through the nostrils and thus enhancing breathing.

→ Correct sinus problems and sinusitis 

Nasal polyps or a deviated septum can lead to sinus problems and sometimes even escalate into chronic sinusitis. Through functional rhinoplasty, plastic surgeons are able to support droopy cartilage and enhance the structure of the nose to address this problem. 

→ Alleviate migraines 

There isn’t enough scientific evidence demonstrating the connection between rhinoplasty and migraines. However, some researchers have discovered that some patients can have partial improvements in migraines after undergoing this treatment. 

→ Help sleep apnea

Because functional rhinoplasty helps clear the patient’s nasal passage, it is a beneficial procedure for patients who suffer from symptoms of sleep apnea (e.g., snoring). The impact of rhinoplasty on sleep apnea is however not obvious for everyone and so you should consult your doctor before moving forward with this treatment. 

→ Address cleft lip and palate 

Cleft palate or cleft lip is one of the most common birth defects associated with malformations around the lips and nose. Functional rhinoplasty can be performed on younger patients to enhance the symmetry of your kid’s face and improve their quality of life. 


Health insurers may agree to pay for nose reshaping surgery that is carried out for medical reasons. However, you may need to pay from your own pocket if you are having the procedure for cosmetic reasons. Regardless of whether you are having rhinoplasty for medical or aesthetic reasons, it is important that you work with a seasoned plastic surgeon. Taking time to plan for the procedure and smooth recovery can also help ensure a successful procedure outcome.