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Pros and Cons of Going to a Plastic Surgeon

Many people suffer from nagging aesthetic concerns ranging from excess fat to sagging skin and even embarrassing facial features. While some of these imperfections may result from the way we were born, others are a result of lifestyle factors, natural aging, sun exposure, or just genetics. The method used to deal with these issues will vary from one person to the other. Some people will just ‘suck it up’ and manage to live a normal and fulfilling life. Others try lifestyle interventions and even over-the-counter products in an attempt to enhance their appearance. When these interventions fail to achieve the desired outcome, dissatisfaction sets in that may affect your sense of self-image and confidence.   

One fact that nobody can deny is that cosmetic surgery is booming. Plastic surgeons have perfected their craft and technology has enabled safer and more efficient techniques. Long gone are the days when procedures such as rhinoplasty were associated with a certain stigma or were so expensive that they could only be afforded by rich individuals. The field has come a long way to offer diverse solutions to meet the unique needs of patients across the spectrum. If you are one of those who have carefully thought about going to a plastic surgeon, nonetheless, it is important that you take the time to comprehend the benefits and drawbacks. This is important so you can weigh the decision from a balanced perspective to ensure you are making the right choice and not something you may regret later.

Benefits of Going to a Plastic Surgeon

Here are some of the benefits patients reap by working with a plastic surgeon. 

→ Improved appearance

The main reason why people pursue cosmetic surgery is so they can enhance their aesthetic appearance. This can be everything particularly if you are unhappy about a specific issue that you feel is out of balance with the natural appearance you desire. For instance, individuals who have a crooked nose can achieve better facial balance and symmetry through a rhinoplasty. Similarly, women who have breasts that are too small can get a reprieve through breast enlargement and cosmetic surgery.

→ Enhanced confidence

Another crucial benefit of seeing a plastic surgeon is that it may help enhance their sense of self-image and self-confidence. This happens because the surgery is able to fix nagging issues that may be causing embarrassment or making you feel less than adequate. When you feel more confident about yourself and how you look, you are likely to experience a better quality of life.

→ Improved physical health

Not all people have plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons. Some procedures such as nose reshaping surgery could help alleviate functional challenges such as a deviated septum and difficulty breathing. The same goes for treatments such as breast reduction that help alleviate physical symptoms caused by breasts that are excessively large.

→ Psychological benefits

Many people feel that they do better psychologically when they correct nagging personal issues related to their appearance. You may find that you are more inclined to socialize and that you no longer want to hold back when at the beach or interacting with your peers. These advantages can contribute to positive mental health.

→ Permanent results

Thanks to advanced methods and techniques, many plastic surgeries have long-lasting benefits. This means you don’t have to worry about a repeat procedure in the future. However, in order to get the best out of most cosmetic procedures, plastic surgeons recommend that you maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Adopting these practices can in turn have ripple effects that benefit and enrich your life.

→ Easy Accessibility

Long gone are the days when Americans used to travel to distant states or even out of the country to have plastic surgery. Qualified and experienced plastic surgeons are now accessible in most cities in the United States. This means you don’t have to focus a lot of time and finances on planning if you have decided to move forward with cosmetic treatment.

Drawbacks of Going to a Plastic Surgeon

While plastic surgery offers many benefits, it is not without its drawbacks. Some of these include:

→ Quite expensive

Plastic surgery can be quite expensive, with costs for some of the most common procedures running into thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. This is compounded by the fact that most procedures are not considered to be medically necessary and thus are not covered by insurance. Often, patients need to make their own arrangements for financing, or at least work with a third-party financing provider.

→ Could be addictive

There is a possibility that some individuals could be addicted to plastic surgery. Affected individuals may feel that they can address various issues by having multiple plastic surgeries. This can have severe negative consequences on their physical and mental health.

→ Risk of complications

Like any other surgery, cosmetic procedures come with their own inherent risks. Patients are exposed to the risk of complications such as bleeding, infection, and blood clots. It is important that anyone who is planning to undergo cosmetic surgery understands and appreciates these risks.

→ Risk of dissatisfaction

Modern techniques have allowed plastic surgeons to perform procedures with a high degree of accuracy. Procedures such as breast enlargement have very high satisfaction rates of over 96%. However, there’s still a small proportion of patients who end up unhappy with the outcome of the surgery. This may necessitate the need for costly revision procedures and even affect the patient’s mental wellbeing.

→ Recovery downtime

Plastic surgeries, like any other procedures, involve a recovery downtime. You will need to take time off work so you can focus on getting back up. During this recovery phase, you may have to deal with significant discomfort and side effects such as swelling and bruising. The specific downtime duration will vary depending on your body’s healing capacity and the type of cosmetic surgery you had.

→ Post-surgery depression

Often, it takes time for the patient to adjust to the new changes and the newfound appearance. In situations when there is dissatisfaction with the ‘new’ self, you may feel depressed and withdraw from social situations.


The Woodlands plastic surgeon, Dr. Chaowen Wu recommends that every patient ensures that they have plastic surgery out of their own volition, not because someone pressured them to. During your initial consultation visit with Dr. Wu at Revel You, the surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of each procedure and possible alternatives. Make sure to utilize this visit so you can ask as many relevant questions as possible.