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How to Find the Right Plastic Surgeon in The Woodlands Tx

Plastic surgery, as a sub-specialty of medicine, is concerned with restoring function and improving aesthetics. More and more Americans are having these treatments to achieve various goals. While the majority of cosmetic surgeries have impressively high satisfaction rates, working with a seasoned plastic surgeon is key to ensuring a satisfactory outcome. This highlights a few steps you can follow to find the right plastic surgeon in The Woodlands Tx

Start with an online search 

The internet is the first place to start when looking for a qualified plastic surgeon to perform your procedure. Simply open your favorite search engine and key in phrases such as ‘best plastic surgeon in The Woodlands’ or ‘top-rated plastic surgeons near me’. Once you find a few results of top surgeons in the city, you can then browse their website to come up with a shortlist. While at it, you also want to learn more about the facts of plastic surgery in general and the specific procedure you are looking for. 

Ask for certification 

The next step towards finding the best plastic surgeon in The Woodlands and surrounding Texas areas is to look for board certification. The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is an independent organization that certifies plastic surgeons who adhere to certain standards of safety and professionalism. Some of the best plastic surgeons are certified members. Also, ask for membership with professional associations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). 

Assess for experience 

Not all plastic surgeons are the same. Someone who is highly experienced in Brazilian butt lifts may not necessarily be the right plastic surgeon for let’s say breast lift or facelift surgery. You want to learn as much as you can about how much experience your plastic surgeon has in the procedure that you are interested in. Are they just getting started or have they worked with hundreds of patients? Can you see before and after photos? Are you able to read online reviews to learn what they say about the surgeon’s approach? You may even ask your plastic surgeon to provide a few referrals to past patients so you can get in touch with them and unearth more details. Ultimately, the idea is to find a surgeon with the right qualities and skills

Check ratings 

Patient ratings are another good source of information on a plastic surgeon’s competence level. Fortunately, long gone are the days when you had to read a physical magazine just to find the right practitioners for the job. Online directories such as Yelp and Google Reviews provide a treasure trove of information that you can use to make an informed decision. What are other clients who had the same procedure that you want to have saying? Do they seem to be happy with the surgeon’s approach? How was the surgeon’s service? Good ratings and positive reviews are a positive sign that you may be looking at a highly seasoned and professional practitioner. 

Schedule a consultation visit

Now that you have unearthed as much information as you need to make an informed decision, the next step is to schedule a consultation visit with your preferred plastic surgeon. This initial visit is an important step so you can get to learn more about the procedure you are interested in as well as get all your questions answered. Don’t hesitate to ask for case studies, testimonials, more before-and-after photos, and any other details that you consider important. Once this is done, ask the surgeon what surgical techniques they specialize in and whether they offer treatments that are individualized to the needs and goals of every patient. 

Look for rapport 

Just like a family doctor or a personal trainer, rapport is important when you are working with a plastic surgeon. People tend to feel more at ease when they are working with someone who seems to understand their unique needs, and who inspires confidence. You should be able to communicate openly and with ease. The surgeon’s staff members should also be focused on providing a decent patient experience. 


Once you have narrowed it down to a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon for your procedure, you are halfway to a satisfactory surgical outcome. It also helps to take the time to prepare for your surgery by adhering to your plastic surgeon’s preoperative instructions.