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3 good reasons to pick a female plastic surgeon

Starting at puberty, a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes over time. Experiences such as pregnancy and childbearing can result in adverse aesthetic outcomes such as sagging breasts or stubborn abdominal fat. Some women may also feel that their breasts are either too small or too large. Going to a plastic surgeon is sometimes the only option to achieve the long-term physical changes you desire. 

When choosing a plastic surgeon, the important thing is to work with a professional who is highly qualified in the specific procedure you are interested in. But some patients naturally feel comfortable working with a specific gender. In this blog post, we highlight some of the reasons for going to a female plastic surgeon in The Woodlands Tx

1. Understands your goals and motivations 

It may be easier to explain your goals for surgery to a female surgeon than to tell a male surgeon. Sometimes, a female surgeon will have a very clear understanding of where you are coming from. This may in turn make it easier for the patient to convey their concerns, fears, and expectations from the treatment. For instance, if you’re looking to have a breast lift, a female surgeon with breasts of her own may be able to better interpret your goals and understand how drooping breasts affect how you feel about yourself. This kind of rapport – when it happens – can play into the final outcome of the procedure as it makes it easier for the surgeon to create an individualized treatment plan for you. 

2. Understands a woman’s feelings and experiences 

It’s really important that your plastic surgeon understands the roles hormones, gravity, and having children plays in your body over time. Oftentimes female plastic surgeons have similar concerns as you do and can easily relate to your experiences. This can come in handy for female patients who are looking to address aesthetic issues such as hanging breasts, facial imperfections, stretch marks, and other similar problems. 

3. Brings sensitivity and compassion to the job 

Naturally, women are understood to have a keen sense of sensitivity and compassion compared to their male counterparts. This can come in handy during the plastic surgery experience. You may find that a female plastic surgeon is more empathetic to your needs because they understand how aesthetic issues can impact your sense of self-image. This is more so true given that women are constantly being exposed to men who ‘do things‘ that cause them to feel uncomfortable. A female plastic surgeon doesn’t need to be introduced to the issues women face on a daily basis. This may in turn enable them to craft treatment approaches that are uniquely suited to each patient’s needs.

Who should go to a female plastic surgeon

The working assumption is that women tend to respond better to female plastic surgeons than men do. However, it may surprise you that even men like female surgeons for the same reasons as women. They may expect to get more sympathy and sensitivity from a female surgeon compared to a male surgeon.

Some men are very competitive and are afraid to show that they are weak or that they are vulnerable to other men. Similarly, men are generally unable to openly talk about their problems and flaws with another man, especially when it comes to procedures like gynecomastia. When patients are treated by a female surgeon, they often feel able to talk openly about their issues.