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7 Reasons to Have a Face Lift

Adverse facial changes associated with aging are one of the most common aesthetic complaints people have. Have. Our skin tends to lose its natural elasticity over time, often resulting in unsightly wrinkles, sunken areas, and even the appearance of jowls. Some people may look years older than they are, or even assume a ‘fatigued’ facial appearance. Facial plastic surgery – also referred to as rhytidectomy – is a long-standing solution to facial cosmetic issues. In this blog post, we look at 7 key reasons why more and more Texan patients are choosing to have this procedure.

  • Alleviate Neck Sagging

While a facelift is primarily designed to enhance facial features, it also improves the neck area. This can be beneficial for patients who have been experiencing unsightly neck sagging. Plastic surgeons perform a procedure known as a neck contouring facelift to enhance facial appearance while also tightening the neck sag to achieve a more attractive chin and jawline appearance. This is often the procedure of choice for both men and women who want to alleviate the appearance of double chins, create a well-defined neck appearance, and improve their looks with a long-term surgical solution. 

  • Eliminate Deep Creases 

Surface-level wrinkles can make you appear unattractive, but things get serious when you have deep creases. These may be impossible to cover using makeup and you may end up being very self-conscious about them. Over time, your face may end up looking tired and worn-out, adding years to your age. Plastic surgeons use facelift surgery to entirely eliminate these deep creases and achieve the appearance of softer and younger skin. 

  • Tighten Up Jowls 

The jawline is one of the most prominent parts of the face. The appearance of loose jowls can give you a ‘bulldog’ face. Facelift plastic surgery focuses on permanently removing these jowls to achieve a slimmer, ‘V’ shaped facial profile that is desired by Hollywood celebrities and top models. Plastic surgeons may also use complementary techniques such as a cheek lift for a more refined outcome that makes you look younger and more attractive. 

  • Remove Frown Lines 

Aging can result in sagging, wrinkling, jowls, and other imperfections that make you appear angry or upset all the time. This can have a negative impact on the first impression people have of you, and definitely ruin your interactions with others in social or work contexts. Facelift plastic surgery helps combat these signs of aging to give you a neutral-looking and even happy expression. This way, you no longer have to worry about being perceived in a certain negative way.  

  • Look Less Tired 

Facial aging tends to make you look tired because of wrinkling under your eyes. You may appear like someone who’s not getting enough sleep. In many cases, you get a groggy appearance that gives people the idea that you do not care about much. A facelift – even a mini facelift procedure – may be all you need to address this and reclaim your facial youthfulness aging. 

  • Look and Feel Younger 

Performed by a seasoned plastic surgeon, a facelift will address skin sagging in areas of the face, jawline, and even the neck. The goal is to alleviate imperfections such as deep creases and double chins to achieve the appearance of a smoother and younger-looking face. This is the procedure of choice for individuals who want to look and feel a lot younger. 

  • Boost Confidence 

Aging, while a natural consequence of life, can leave you feeling stressed and even anxious. Over time, adverse changes to your facial appearance could blow out your self-confidence. You may feel that you appear ugly and that people perceive you in a negative way. This may make it harder for you to appear in photographs and even engage in social interactions. Unchecked, this lack of confidence could slowly graduate into depression and ruin your life in new ways altogether. Facelift plastic surgery focuses on addressing aesthetic imperfections so you can look as young as possible. Many patients who undergo this cosmetic treatment feel more confident in their own skin and more open to interacting with others. 


Regardless of your specific aesthetic concerns, Dr. Wu is committed to creating an individualized treatment plan to achieve the results you desire. During the first visit to the surgeon’s office in The Woodlands, she’ll listen to your concerns and answer all your questions before discussing the most appropriate facelift technique for you.